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Here you will find several HOWTOs concerning specific software of hardware parts. If you think, you have anything useful to contribute then please go ahead and add whatever you deem necessary.


Installation HOWTOs

Installation without a CD

  • No CD handy to install Lunar Linux? Don't despair! We've got it all covered. Read on!

Installation without a network connection

  • This HOWTO covers how to install Lunar Linux without a decent network connection available. Its tricky .. yet, possible.

Install Lunar Linux on a software RAID

  • You want to install Lunar Linux directly on a software RAID created at install time? Go ahead and read the instructions.

Module HOWTOs

XOrg 7 Installation guide

  • This guide covers all the quirks you will have to go through when upgrading from XOrg 6.x to XOrg 7.x. Also worth reading when you're installing XOrg7 on a new installation.

Software HOWTOs


  • How do you enable AIGLX XOrg acceleration inside XOrg7? Well, read on .. this article covers the whole story.

Hardware HOWTOs


  • This HOWTO explains how to connect and make use of your USB powered digital camera.

Other HOWTOs

Bootloader options for handling /dev devices

  • This article explains how you can manipulate the way Lunar Linux handles devices at boot time using your favorite bootloader.
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