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All commands need to be run as root.

Installing XOrg 7.x

You may use the 'XOrg7' module to install XOrg 7.X:
lin XOrg7

You no longer need to generate an xorg.config file as X will do this on its own.

You may also need to install xf86-input-evdev in order for you keyboard and mouse to work with X
lin xf86-input-evdev

Third Party Drivers

NVIDIA Drivers

When installing Nvidia drivers make sure that X is not running as the Nvidia drivers will not install properly.

You may install the Nvidia driver by using the following command.

To set up the nvidia driver all you need to do is run.

Anytime you do a kernel update you are going to have to rebuild the Nvidia drivers kenrel modules. The next time you reboot into the new kernel you need to turn off X and any login managers that you may be using such as Slim/KDM/GDM/XDM then issue lin NVIDIA to rebuild this module

Installation notes

XOrg7 is installing to /usr by default and NOT to /usr/X11R7 or any other prefix inside /usr. The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard does not allow that. All major linux distributions are following the FHS and have adjusted their builds accordingly:

You may however set an arbitary prefix for XOrg incase you do not want it to install to /usr. You may do so by running the following command:

lunar set X11R7_PREFIX=/your/prefix/here

The XOrg7 profile is going to create some symlinks on your system:

/usr/X11 -> $MODULE_PREFIX; /usr by default
/usr/X11R6 -> $MODULE_PREFIX; /usr by default

The X11R6 symlink is there for compatibility reasons. Many of the older and even some of the newer packages inside the moonbase have a hardcoded path pointing to /usr/X11R6 inside their source trees. Keeping the symlink prevents them from breaking apart.

Missing modules from the XOrg 7.x modular tree

Despite our best efforts to give you the whole XOrg 7.x modular tree as modules to install there are still many of them left untouched either because they are not important to run a full featured X environment or nobody had the time to add them yet. As always contribution are welcome and appreciated:

  • x11-apps
    • lbxproxy - Low BandWidth X proxy
    • mkcfm - create summaries of CID font metric files
    • oclock - round X clock
    • proxymngr - proxy manager service
    • scripts - run X command on another system via rsh
    • showfont - show information about X font from font server
    • viewres - graphical class/resource browser for Xt
    • xbiff - watch mailboxes for new message delivery
    • xclipboard - X clipboard manager
    • xditview - display ditroff output
    • xfd - display all the characters in an X font
    • xfindproxy - locate proxy services
    • xfontsel - point and click selection of X11 font names
    • xfsinfo - X font server information utility
    • xfwp - X Firewall Proxy
    • xgc - X graphics demo
    • xlogo - Draw [old] X logo
    • xlsclients - list client applications running on a display
    • xphelloworld - Xprint sample applications
    • xprehashprinterlist - Rehash list of Xprint printers
    • xrx - "Broadway"
    • xsetmode - set the mode for an X Input device
    • xsetpointer - set an X Input device as the main pointer
    • xsm - X Session Manager
    • xstdcmap - X standard colormap utility
    • xtrap - an extension to X that facilitates user emulation
    • xvidtune - video mode tuner for Xorg
  • x11-data ==> COMPLETE
  • x11-doc ==> COMPLETE
  • x11-driver
    • xf86-video-sunbw2
    • xf86-video-suncg3
    • xf86-video-suncg6
    • xf86-video-suncg14
    • xf86-video-sunffb
    • xf86-video-sunleo
    • xf86-video-suntcx
    • xf86-video-tdfx
    • xf86-video-tga
    • xf86-video-trident (added by Auke - 20061103)
    • xf86-video-tseng
  • x11-extras ==> COMPLETE
  • x11-font ==> COMPLETE
  • x11-lib
    • libAppleWM - platform specific libraries: [MacOS]
    • libWindowsWM - platform specific libraries: [Win32]
  • x11-proto
    • windowswmproto - platform specific protocol headers [Win32]
  • x11-util
    • lndir
  • xserver ==> COMPLETE
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