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The path to XOrg7

upgrading from XOrg

Currently the XOrg7 module is not doing this for you. You need to do some things manually

  • Remove the old XOrg:
lrm XOrg
  • Backup the old /etc/X11 (with your old xorg.conf):
mv /etc/X11 ~/
  • Remove the old XOrg installation path:
rm -fr /usr/X11R6
  • Remove some old symlinks:
    • rm /usr/X11
    • rm /usr/include/X11
    • rm /usr/lib/X11
    • rm /usr/include/GL

installing X11R7

is now as simple as:
lin XOrg7


XOrg7 is installing default in /usr. So not in /usr/X11R6 or anything like that. This follows new standards set by Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (fhs: If you browse around on the internet you will see that all major linux distro's have followed this standard.,,

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