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The path to XOrg7

upgrading from XOrg

Currently the XOrg7 module is not doing this for you. You need to do some things manually

  • Remove the old XOrg:
lrm XOrg
  • Backup the old /etc/X11 (with your old xorg.conf):
mv /etc/X11 ~/
  • Remove the old XOrg installation path:
rm -fr /usr/X11R6
  • Remove some old symlinks:
    • rm /usr/X11
    • rm /usr/include/X11
    • rm /usr/lib/X11
    • rm /usr/include/GL

installing X11R7

is now as simple as:
lin XOrg7


XOrg7 is installing default in /usr. So not in /usr/X11R6 or anything like that. This follows new standards set by the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. If you browse around on the internet you will see that all major linux distro's have followed this standard. Debian, Arch Linux, Gentoo

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