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Installation without a fast network connection

Here's a brief howto on how to install Lunar without a fast network (or no network at all!)

Here's the basic steps:

  • Get the lunar ISO
  • Get a moonbase (here: [[1]]) and the list of source URLS (here: [[2]])at the same time
  • Download all sources in the URL list and put them on CD-ROM (takes about 5 to 8 CD-ROM's!)
  • Go home and install lunar using the ISO
  • Insert the sources to your lunar box (they go in /var/spool/lunar), upload the special moonbase to your lunar box and voila

A few notes:

You should download the moonbase tarball and the entire list of download URLs at the same time.

After downloading those two files, start up the download of all the sources from the URLs listed in the mirror-urls.txt. Preferably you should use wget something like this:

~ $ for URL in $(cat mirror-urls.txt) ; do wget -c $URL ; done

Burn these files including the moonbase.tar.bz2 on one, two or three CD's. You can leave out the KDE files if you are not going to use KDE of course, adjust the list as necessary and you see fit

After you went home and performed the first install of lunar the normal way, you have a booting lunar box. From there you can mount the CD-ROM's with all your sources and copy the sources to the place where lunar finds them automatically:

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
cp /mnt/cdrom/* /var/spool/lunar

continue with extracting the moonbase tarball that corresponds with the sources you have downloaded:

cd /var/lib/lunar
mv moonbase/zlocal .zlocal
rm -rf moonbase
tar xjf /var/spool/lunar/moonbase.tar.bz2
mv .zlocal moonbase/zlocal

In order to properly initialize your new moonbase, you should run:


Note that on theedge code as of 20041126 and newer, you can simply copy the moonbase onto the filesystem and install it with one command:

lget moonbase --url file:///path/to/moonbase.tar.bz2

Now you can lin any module in moonbase without needing to be connected

Note: because it is almost impossible that the URL list file is correct or complete, it may happen that files are missing from the list or are not available for download anymore at the moment you try. You should take into consideration that you may need to walk back and forth work 3 or more times before you have all files you need

Note: if you really have no network, never lin modules as moonbase, lunar or theedge as they always try to download instead of use the source cache in /var/spool/lunar. You might want to check out the syntax for lunar hold

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