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What is moonbase?

The moonbase is the complete collection of all the software packages (modules) that Lunar Linux offers its users. It is organized in a hierarchical structure of directories and files; usually found on the user's system at /var/lib/lunar/moonbase. Generically speaking, the moonbase is just a directory with stuff (sub-directories and files) inside it.


The moonbase's first level of structure/organization is a section. A section is a name that serves to classify and organize a group of modules into logical partitions. Each section is simply a sub-directory that resides right below the root of the moonbase or inside another section. Sections can also be nested in other sections.


Modules sit in a section directory. A module consists of a directory with specific files and other directories, that are not sections. These sub-directories represent a single module that "belongs" to that section of the moonbase. A module, to be a bit simplistic, is a set of "instructions" to perform a task; Namely, instructions to compile and then install what was compiled onto the user's file-system. So if we had a module named FooGame that was located in the "games" section of the moonbase, we would find a directory called FooGame at /var/lib/lunar/moonbase/games/FooGame.

To summarize, installable software packages are called modules. The collection of all of the modules is called the moonbase, which is simply a directory containing logical sections (sub-directories) which, in turn, contain the modules directories.

   |  \--module
   |     \-- files
      \-- files
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