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This page may not be in synchronization with the man pages available on a Lunar-Linux system.

The initial version was a cut'n'paste from the man command, which produces weird wiki formatting.

LUNAR(8) Lunar LUNAR(8)


      lunar - menu-driven software package management utility


      lunar -d|--debug|-h|--help|-v|--verbose
      lunar [prune|renew|update|rebuild|optimize|fix|nofix|fixdepends|


      lunar(8) is Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Terry Chan with portions copyrighted by previous authors 2001-2002


      lunar is an easy-to-use menu-driven (dialog-based) interface to the Lunar source-based package  manage-
      ment system.


      lunar without options will start the menu-driven package management utility.
      -d, --debug enables debug messages, very useful when emailing a bug report
      -h, --help
             outputs short help
      -v, --verbose
             increases the level of message output
      prune - Removes  all  old  source  code and old backups. Since the number of sources on the system grows
             steadily on a running system, you will need to clean some of the kept copies of sources and com-
             pile  caches. The source code from previous versions are kept so that the packages can be rolled
             back to older versions. This does not delete sources that are up to date, but not installed.
      renew - Update all packages without fetching a fresh moonbase first. Does not run prune or autofix.
      update - Fetches a new moonbase, updates all packages and runs (optionally) a prune and autofix.
      rebuild - automatically rebuilds all installed software packages. This option is non-interactive and  does
             not  start  up  the menu-driven interface. It is suitable for use in cron jobs and is useful for
             rebuilding distributed binaries from source.
      optimize - jump straight into the compiler optimizations menu.
      fix - Checks and fixs all modules and internal state of lunar. Four methods are available.  The  methods
             can  be  toggled  using lunar->Option->Integrity Checking.  A fix is automatically issued afer a
             lunar update.
             Find Check - Discovers missing binary executables, libraries and header files.
             MD5 Sum - Discovers modified executables and libraries.
             Ldd Check - Discovers Broken executables and libraries.
             Sym Check - Discovers mis-owned symbolic links to files.
      nofix - Check but do not fix modules and internal state.
      fixdepends - Check and fix the dependency database of  lunar.   Reconstructs  the  depends  database  without
             recompiling modules. This might help if your depends database is missing or corrupted.
      resurrect - Reinstalls a module which has been removed but still has the compiled version available.
      install - Installs a module.
      remove - Removes a module.
      hold - Places a module on hold so it cannot be built/rebuilt.
      unhold - Removes a module from hold status so it can be built/rebuilt.
      exile -Prevents  a  module from being installed or resurrected. Perhaps because you've installed a cus-
             tomized module.
      unexile - Removes a module from exiled status.


      lunar requires a connection to the Internet
      Bash version 2 or higher
      Dialog version 0.9a or higher
      Linux kernel version 2.4.x or higher.


      Options on the Package Menu add or remove software packages to/from installation  and  removal  queues.
      The  actual  installation  and/or removal of the packages will not be performed until either Foreground
      Execution or Background Execution are selected from the main menu.


      Navigating the Menus
      To return to a previous menu press <Esc> or use the Cancel button
      To exit the program from the main menu press <Esc> or use the Cancel button
      To toggle between buttons press <Tab>
      To select whichever button is highlighted press <Enter>
      To select/deselect items from a checklist press <Space>


      Kyle Sallee
      Updated Thomas Stewart 01/15/2002
      Converted to Lunar by Terry Chan 03/23/2002
      Updated by Chuck Mead 07/17/2003
      Updated by Terry Chan 08/08/2003


      Report bugs to <>


      moonbase(5), lin(8), lvu(1), lget(8), lrm(8), lcrash(8)


      This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY August 2003 LUNAR(8)

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