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This site holds reports of users about their success (or failure) regarding Lunar Linux or parts of it. We encourage every user to write down their system's specs and how they got Lunar Linux to work on their machines. It should be regarded as a helpful pool of information for everyone.


Skinwalker : Installing Lunar on an Eee PC

Created on the 25th of February 2009 by Skinwalker / The_Deliberator

Before I begin talking about my experience in loading Lunar on my EEE, I would like to say a few words about my background. I am going to follow Engelsman's model in filing this user report. I am professionally a Doctoral student from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, with a background in Chemical Engineering. I am no linux expert by any means, and just consider myself as a longtime user, with some knowledge about *nix in general. Due to my research area, and my interest in mathematical modeling, I am used to coding, debugging etc. According to my opinion, *nix provides the best platform for such endeavors. My first foray into *nix was eight years ago, when I used Sun Solaris on SPARC for my modeling and simulation work, as part of my Bachelor thesis. Though it was intimidating in the beginning, gradually I got used to it that by the time I had the opportunity to own a computer (an ancient relic from a rich friend of mine by the way), I started to look into Linux as my OS of choice. And since then I have never looked back.

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Moe : Reinstalling Lunar on new hardware

Created on the 30th of April 2006 by

In April 2006 I bought a new computer and of course I ment to throw Lunar on it. I hadn't done a complete new installation since a couple of years (I think the last time Lunar has been at version 1.3.something). I bought an AMD 3200+ processor along with 512GB RAM, got a Geforce 3 Ti from eBay and a ASRock mainboard featuring a ULi 1695 939-socket based chipset.

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Engelsman : A newbie's experience installing Lunar

Created on the 3rd of September 2005 by Engelsman

I started using Unix V7 on a PDP-11/70 back in 1983, even modifying some existing kernel drivers for the Cambridge Ring local area network. After that I dabbled in system administration of various Sun and Apollo systems until 1991, and HP boxes up until 2000, but my main task has always been application software development, nothing on the hardware or kernel side. Since 2000 we've had dedicated system administrators at work. We had switched from NCD X-terminals over to Linux desktops (first RedHat, but then Lunar) and I realized that what little I knew had become well out of date. I installed RedHat on an old 90MHz PC at home more than five years ago, but without a LAN or modem connection it was too difficult to keep up to date, I lost interest, and that died. Since then I've had an itch to develop a spiffy FLTK user interace for some old command line tools using Cygwin/Mingw on a WinXP laptop (with modem) but the machine is (a) painfully slow, and (b) painfully Windows. The time had come to get some new hardware, install an operating system that doesn't thwart you at every turn, and set up a programming environment of my own choice.

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