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I'm interested in installing 1.6.2. Where do I get the CD ISO? (if there is such) [for AMD 64 X2 based system]


Wow, you've chosen a pretty out-of-the-way wiki page to ask questions that are better asked on #lunar on, the Lunar mailing list or the Lunar Forum pages if you want a more immediate answer. More people will see your question and be likely to help you if ask in a more public place :-)

On the assumption that you are 'watching' this page, I shall provide a temporary answer below, but will remove this page in a week from now.

AFAIK, 1.6.2 has not yet been officially released, although an alpha version is available for testing. See the 1.6.2-i686 alpha ISO announcement thread and followup articles.

However, you will also need to see the Attention! Huge update thread and followup articles if you want to avoid problems after installation. It is an alpha release, remember.

If you require further help, please ask again on either #lunar, the Lunar mailing list or the Lunar Forum pages

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