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lin is the lunar install tool. It handles downloading, upgrading (through lrm, installation and compilation of modules on your system.

To do this, lin follows several steps:

  • resolve conflicts - if a package conflicts and is installed, it will prompt the user what to do (remove or keep).
  • solve dependencies - if packages are missing, they are inserted into the install queue
  • download - the packages are downloaded in the background while processing continues by lget
  • configure options - the user may be prompted for additional configuration questions that affect the way a package is built
  • checks - the checksums are checked if available, all sources are downloaded, etc.
  • compile - the package is compiled
  • upgrade - if a previous version of the package is installed, lrm removes the old files in a safe way
  • install - the package is physically installed to your system
  • post-install actions - several things are done, such as administrativa, documentation, init.d scripts etc.

Manual Pages

For more information see the lin(8) man page.

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