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Imagine you want to try out the xfce4-svn branch from developer elangelo. You can see this branch here.

These would be the commands:

  • clone the main repository lunar:
 git clone git:// moonbase.git
  • pull the xfce4-svn branch from elangelo and at the same time create a local xfce4-svn branch
 cd moonbase.git
 git pull git:// xfce4-svn:xfce4-svn
  • switch to the xfce4-svn branch:
 git checkout xfce4-svn
  • updating the xfce4-svn branch with latest master (the main repository of moonbase)
 # switch back to the main repository
 git checkout master
 # update our master branch with the main repository
 git pull git:// master
 # switch back to our xfce4-svn branch
 git checkout xfce4-svn
 # merge the changes in master into out xfce4-svn branch (you can get conflicts with this)
 git merge master
 # install xfce4 (if you have xfce installed already you can simply lunar renew)
 lin xfce4
  • telling lunar to use the git repository instead of the default (/var/lib/lunar/moonbase) one:
 lunar set MOONBASE /home/samuel/moonbase.git
  • you're tired of xfce4-svn and want to try elangelo's xorg branch:
 cd /home/samuel/moonbase.git
 git checkout master
 git pull git:// xorg:xorg
 git checkout xorg
 #updating the branch with latest master of the main repository
 git merge master
 lunar renew
  • you want to use both xfce4-svn and the xorg branch:
 cd /home/samuel/moonbase.git
 git checkout master
 # create a new branch
 git branch xfce4-svn_xorg
 # switch to the new branch
 git checkout xfce4-svn_xorg
 # merge xorg branch changes
 git merge xorg
 # merge xfce4-svn branch changes
 git merge xfce4-svn
 # update lunar
 lunar renew
  • you are tired of all those branches:
 git checkout master
 git branch -D xfce4-svn
 git branch -D xorg
 git branch -D xfce4-svn_xorg
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