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Lunar is the name of our distro, and that of the Package Management system (and tool) that is used in Lunar Linux to install, remove and upgrade packages.

Lunar is the name of the suite of tools that comes with the Lunar core tools. This suite of tools provides you with a way to perform a lot of actions on the package management part of a Lunar Linux installation, and look at parameters and information on packages and files.

Lunar is what we call the stable set of core tools. This package offers the same functionality as the development branch Theedge, but it changed less often and tested more before it receives changes. If you want to follow the latest changes and additions in the Package Management instead, you should install Theedge.

Theedge and Lunar can and will replace eachother seamlessly, just do this:

lin lunar

Lunar provides these tools:

And some less known and less important tools.

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